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  • John Jones
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    Those fucking brakes are sick as fuck!!

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    looks pretty tough ! nice work guys

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    Digging the contrast of the body and the mechanicals right now

    Punk kid

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    Pat stay at about 27 degrees, yes you might be able to get more but you will be more when everything seats in. make sure you have axle plunge very important which means grab axle and make sure it moves in and out. Not sure if you know about clocking the cv jponts but make sure the cv bolts are not aliened you want then off on each axle turns them into universal and takes bind out. Any questions just ask I will check back


    Pat K
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    Worked on this over the weekend. Mocked the IRS pivots up. CD8738F5-CF5D-45F1-8370-79C0B6795CF8357E3097-C189-4DFA-9EC4-0711D00DC253

    Pass side setup has excessive plunge at 0° and then binds at 24°. I need to order a 1” longer axle to make this side work due to the offset in the trans itself. 96106BA9-FB06-4884-A001-7462F67F87452CB4FC0E-E30F-41BE-93B0-CD19E0AEAFEB

    Drivers side looks like it will work with the 19 1/4” axle length. 88E8E471-FBBA-4EB2-BFF2-A83FCCDD78F7

    We will build it if it comes.

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    Mad scientist shit! Hell ya pat

Viewing 6 posts - 151 through 156 (of 156 total)
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