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    Hey Willy or Glenn.. myself and Zach my helper have been talking about electric swaps the past few days.. do you have a Parts list you used? Looking at ev west and it’s alot of info to take in.. can you give me a basic dumbass guy breakdown? I’d like to do one.

    Ooo I’ll tell Glenn to hop on ⚡️

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    Hey Andy!

    Definitely I have a file I could share with you. With the EV scene at the moment there are two directions: convert with new industrial motors or convert with used EV motors.

    I chose the latter because it integrates several items that I know reduce the reliability and offers better ‘bang’ for buck.

    I have a function diagram that illustrates it pretty well I’ll post up later

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    Here’s the functional schematic. The gray box is supposed to outline the motor that we used, so all of those parts plus the transmission were one piece. However, if you go with the industrial motor you will have to buy the motor, transmission adapter, and motor controller separately.  There are obviously more parts then just this, but it gives you a better idea. It definitely isn’t cheap just yet, but hopefully once the market becomes saturated with EVs we will see this being a much more enticing option. If you want a further breakdown on the parts we used email me moss.glenn@gmail.comfun

    John Jones
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    Hey Andy…. Volkswagens came with engine’s….

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)

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