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    I’ll update this thread too while I’m at it. Weston and Malia have been using the DC as a “flower cab” at events. People love it! It’s been running great! Funny that their first event was outside of an old VW dealer building here in Provo, UT.

    Those white bumpers look way better! Also, check out those NOS hoops and OG hubcaps I posted a while back. We also got bows and canvas from an awesome dude out of Poland (Jack-Fatboy on samba). I would HIGHLY recommend his stuff. We met him while at Ben Pon and he was a very genuine dude and makes an aweosme product. He showed/told me all the details on his canvas to make it super correct. Pretty cool stuff. He also brought a very special polish beer for KB! Hahaha


    all in all this DC is amazing! I love volkswagens!


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    Looks great!

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

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    Finally got around to putting the rack on the dc! Looks great. Now that the shop is finished this thing can get parked indoors! And it will fit with the rack in the shop’s high ceilings👍🏼C5BC9E12-7BCE-4CAF-845F-07E81F65540D65C19B7F-C63D-4BFA-9709-5079A1F6C697Good group of buses there

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    Such a pretty bus. V jelly

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    Nice collection!  Especially the Double Cab 😉

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    Red white and blue….very patriotic of you. 🙂

    I like the buses behind the doors better….

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    Sshhhhh 🤫 sometimes you have to forget about those buses… they screw with your perspective haha

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)

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