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  • John JonesJohn Jones
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    This is nuts😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    930D2217-5F90-460B-84DF-A5D1ED68DB55FD603C94-93EA-4B43-ABAE-3A091CA0E93ED39F8D6F-93CE-42F9-A8BD-74BAC5F28B10BBBDDDC9-4B8E-42A1-BB79-5EDC2F5FB235We got to it today. Got the interior out. The 912 is in the dirty. Going to finish wire wheeling the rest of the sound deadener out tomorrow. On the way!

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    So sick guys. I shared this with Cole the other day, but thought it could be a cool car to use for inspiration. 1971 911 ST originally used as a training car for the East African Safari. Love the flat black with the big meatball on the door.

    Annotation 2020-07-27 085934


    Punk kid

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    This car needs some BFG’s or Grabbers. I may need to do a KCW trip to check this out.

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

    AvatarPat K
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    I believe this car is only getting a mild lift, not fully rally 12”. Tire size will be limited. Cole mentioned some rally tires there looking at.

    We will build it if it comes.

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    The rules for the race are geared towards stock-ish modified cars. They don’t allow fancy shocks or coil-over conversion. No major body modifications, mean that we are limited on tires size. Pirelli makes a 195/70 gravel tire that fits the stock arches.

    Cole and I have been reducing weight for days. All the interior had to go. New light weight Sparco seats will be installed and rear seat area will be used to haul tools, parts, and gear.

    We wired-wheel cleaned out all of the factory sound deadner and seam sealer. The next step is to fit and paint a roll hoop.


    We covered the car with weld paper to protect the paint during this portion of the build. Pat is patching two very small rust holes at the front of the pan this morning.


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    That is insane. I understand that a clean car is the cheapest to begin a project like this with but Damn.


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    totally awesome !

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    Cole and I bent up the main hoop today and test fit. We tried to move it as far back as possible to get more head room, along with good access to the rear storage area.

    Then took it out to paint the top side that will be wedged against the original headliner.


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    Having fun today. Minimal distractions. I’m going to work as late as my mind and body will allow.

    Template for 16 gauge plate to weld C pilar tube to the engine mount. Shaved pre-heat hose.


    Cut through the rear seat belt shoulder mount to run the tube. The area is already reinforced for attaching tube to.


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