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    Welp… Some of you may have heard. KB and I got accepted to do the Peking to Paris rally in May 2022…! as well as the shorter “prep” rally called the Sahara Challenge in Morocco in fall of 2021.

    the Sahara challenge will be a 12 day “warm up” for the Peking to Paris rally so we can check all our equipment and car. The Peking to Paris rally will be around 36 days. Around 9 or 10 thousand miles  depending on the final route selection. We will rally from Beijing to Paris. We were excepted to do it in a Porsche 912.

    here is the car. Kb picked it up in SoCal last month. 1969. We chose 912 for simplicity when we are in the middle of Morocco with no towns close by as well as being able to run lower compression to run the poor fuel when in less developed countries. Chose the 1969 because of more crossover parts with early 911. Also, longer wheel base, larger fender flares to fit rally tires. Stronger suspension. Stronger engine mounts etc.

    plan right now is to jack  the car up as much as is allowed. Upgrade suspension, we have been looking at elephant racing stuff. We just can’t run remote reservoir or coil overs. New motor and trans. Motor will be lower compression to handle the bad fuel. Good components like Carrillo rods, scat counterweight crank, Elgin mild cam(for longevity. This rally is about making it under our own power the whole distance for us. Not being fastest). Reworked stock heads. Upgraded p’s and c’s. Weber carbs for simplicity. Need to figure out oil filtration.

    transmission: we specifically got a 5 speed core. Hard to find these days but got one out of VA. It was delivered today. We will go through it all. Re gear it a bit. And add a period limited slip. Should be a happy camper. I was able to tear the motor down today. I will start sending out some parts for machine work tomorrow. Trans will come apart soon. It is crusty, but we really just need the five speed guts.
    39D8A035-DE5E-4A4F-A8FD-3EADD3904571E2A69A00-D29E-47ED-B1F0-3F5B5B8E5AF41773F9FF-D665-423E-B067-929E671C3BA619805613-E41F-4E69-B0FA-7F080C768BF7C9435B1A-FCD6-456E-94A0-127D7E86C16966C96217-8F71-42DC-92A4-33545F3BCFA4D0EBDCAF-B321-43E4-86ED-32C026F1301BIn a week or 2 I’ll be bringing the 912 out to KCW to start fabrication. We have to strengthen everything! Fab up stuff for navigation and rally trip meter, extra lights, rack, etc. as well as make a badass cage. I’m sure you all saw the tube in the tabeguache trailblazers post earlier. That’s a lot of pipe 😎 going to be badass! We want to try and keep this pretty “period correct” like I want to get all the numbers and stuff hand painted. Mods and things need to keep a period correct vibe when possible. I’m excited for this!

    here is some info on the rally:

    greatttttt video if you have an hour. You’ll get a sense for how much of it is off-road until you get to Europe.


    Other pics


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    Holy shit, That sounds like one of the coolest races ever ! Fucking amazing that you guys are going !

    I hope to check out your garage someday, lots of cool stuff there

    You’ve always got something super badass going on. Its awesome

    Live it up Cole!

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    i know someone who did it in a vintage jag spent a ton to get it ready and had a major breakdown partway through

    with that said they still say it was one of the best experiences ever


    good luck and enjoy the ride

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    This is going to be fun to watch.

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    Wow! Epic race! Will be an adventure for sure!

    They sure are flogging that old iron!

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    Wow….sounds like an experience of a lifetime!  Looking forward to following along.

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    That is going to be sooooo much fun.  One of the old cars I most regret selling was my 67  Porsche 912.

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    Heck yes, I am excited to work on this project.

    I’m going to lock myself in the dirty shop and be a fabricating badass for the next few months.

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    Just a couple of dudes. Locked in the dirty. With lots of pipe!… er, oh wait…  haha! 😂

    I’m excited about this build!

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    I hope to check out your garage someday, lots cool stuff there

    you are always more than welcome Bubba! Serious. It’s a fun warehouse!

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    Going to be fun to watch.

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

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    Such a cool experience this is going to be for you guys! And we get to live it with you through the KCW world!


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    Holy shit Cole this is going to be the coolest thing EVER!! Can you put a little child’s seat in the back so I can tag along? You won’t even know I’m there, promise. So so so excited to watch this!!!

    John Jones
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    Keeping a lid on it😎

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    Stoked you guys found one to do the race and not red, this will be an experience of a lifetime!

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