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    Awesome ride Audrey! Nothing better than working on VWs with the family

    AvatarAudrey Jones
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    So true Glenn, made me think of lots of great childhood memories! Super cool that this time it is on my bus!! I’m still a little bit in disbelief… I can’t believe it’s really mine!!! ??

    Sounds like the subi motor will take me anywhere I need to go! That will be nice for me… I have some learning to do before I can be a roadside mechanic! ?

    Gretchen JonesGretchen Jones
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    Super fun weekend!!!  We seem to all work well together!  Audrey’s right, can’t wait to turn this blank slate into a unique camper!!!  We have great, hard working kids who spent most of their childhood in or around VW’s.  I am so glad it must have been positive overall, since they both want to drive VWs now!!!!  I loved having something we could all work on together!

    Thanks to Bubba too!!!!!!

    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

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    So happy you all are digging the Vanagon! They’re cool cars and great campers. Have fun with it Audrey

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    Hoping to see the jolly rodger on the sides again!

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    All good JJ, I’ve always laughed at the shit you guys give me.


    Im ready to see and hear the subi plans!! What motor? Defiantly use a 1700 pressure plate. Diesel starter swap? Wrx thermostat housing? Universal heater core? Lots and lots of good options. Clean pat what’s up Bro!!

    John JonesJohn Jones
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    I hope to get clean shop Pats head wrapped around this one in another monthish…  But I want to get that Kit ordered soon…..  and anything else we might need… Would like this to be a quick straight forward conversion!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see Audrey in her Van!

    AvatarAudrey Jones
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    Thanks Bubba, I can’t wait to be camping in it!!!

    Another great weekend working on the Vanagon!! Corporate and I got a lot done!

    We discovered Vinyl Paint and decided that would be the easiest/cheapest/quickest option to give the headliner a little facelift! The white headliner already looked pretty good, just looked dirty after ripping the AC out… The caramel color turned out awesome and warms it up in there a lot!






    Pat K also cut my floor for me!!! And we picked a nice bright cedar color to stain it! Thanks Pat!!!



    We also found this awesome turquoise fabric laying around for all the seats and the pad in the back!!

    After painting the ceiling and recovering the back panels with some rust colored burlap, we put all the cabinets we have in and we have a pretty awesome mock-up of it!!




    I am so stoked on how its turning out and I can’t wait to be camping in this thing!!

    Huge thanks to everyone at the shop and the KCW community for helping us with this project!! And Andy- Thanks for bringing out my cabinets and coming out to build my motor!!

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    That cabinet kit looks clean! Looking good. Excited for this thread, Love me some Vanagon action!

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    Not a problem Audrey your parents have hooked it up a everytime ive been there.

    Glad to see the interior parts in it, I had no clue what any of that was.  Camping is for hippies! 😎

    is this van a driver if it had a motor? Or does it need other shit? I’d like to do some driving.

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