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    scrubbed down and de-greased the engine bay today found some nice paint under lots of the grime but also ran across some bulletproof black crap that doesn’t wanna budge! Also ran a chain around my gas tank and gave it a good rinse. Found this big stick in the tank!😂 5C791936-AFB5-4E55-BCCA-DDCE2BCE3A935C791936-AFB5-4E55-BCCA-DDCE2BCE3A93A733ED5A-7C12-4544-956D-43D3088B489BA733ED5A-7C12-4544-956D-43D3088B489B8EBCF039-8E04-40ED-AB50-D27A76721F548EBCF039-8E04-40ED-AB50-D27A76721F54FEBB80C7-6655-4269-B9DA-B46E39E23D84FEBB80C7-6655-4269-B9DA-B46E39E23D84

    I was looking through this earlier post…

    damn dude, that thing cleaned up nice  !

    Ill be enjoying that job soon enough on the VG kombi we went and grabbed

Viewing 346 post (of 346 total)
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