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  • Pat K
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    My son, Riley , and I have been picking away at this the last few months. He turns 16 this year, so we stepped it up over summer break to get done before gets his license. C0593E90-FC41-47E7-95D9-7720F6DFB53F

    First we got it running. After a compression check we yanked the motor, pulled the worn out p’s & c’s, checked everything over, cleaned up the heads then put it all back together with fresh jugs and slugs. 3027B294-0E6D-4B92-9211-DB0DBDB559A36457E2A7-5F67-439B-9FD7-2182DC38E417

    We went through all of the wiring next. We took it for a drive and then parked it for a while. 5D52CD5A-165A-4492-99B9-2B9932E403A9ECD5813C-336E-40BC-91A7-C50C67F8F3E2

    When we got back to it we built a 4” narrowed beam. 38E24579-6861-4432-A5B4-9CE4A43834F68E614972-679B-4678-864C-77E1DC240631B3DC5095-87A5-44C3-9B54-1D4D1C85A4CE

    Out with the old in with the cool!!0A96F578-137A-4E0C-A7B2-D95633748959E6B3445F-7752-4214-8F00-8D248BB69152AB2231EF-656F-4CC0-A3E4-D7F308D972C2

    We pulled the removables except for the doors and started bodywork about 3 weeks ago. Fenders were first. Shaved the turn signals.1D41F214-94C3-46D8-B71B-84E7BD0BE0857746FC04-398B-4276-8A18-9F8614357FFFE1115CA7-2188-4C14-BE2A-7DD97895C09D17A81C83-4B49-4486-8B3A-884939908F57

    Hood and deck lid followed. B0AE1B77-8A61-4EE3-822E-46C2BA69DF4552FDD8DA-EE46-47C0-8D8C-44AC5C2FA8DCA532CA0C-32C1-47CC-A5E9-43283E68E176

    Last week we laid 3 coats of color on the removables. Say hello to L 630 Cobalt Blue!!!5F6542BC-D992-4FA7-9278-AF43A985B32C02D23D61-5744-4936-9270-B19252D79801A495E460-5DB5-45C1-A681-B56A670CF87189E1B4CC-5EE9-4C33-B8FB-6F33415D4135E2AD8F39-C68B-4C64-929D-CE64952E6A1FA76188D2-072F-4DE0-9879-FDF6B35504D478B61370-8D54-4E7B-A872-76B42D2E0D39092B65B7-9130-4374-990A-6463C0D14798C46FB70C-2ADF-4E8B-B58C-5C971044ECE85944ABBE-AFB0-4A61-860B-FE2BCDF65FCF5F88006F-C708-4F4B-86F7-DB3FE80FF088

    We will build it if it comes.

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    Oh shit the attitude adjustment on that thing turned out SWEET!! Nice work Riley and Pat!

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    My dad had a 72 super in that same blue, he could have brought home a new ferrari and we still would have wanted to ride in that bug. Your son will remember these times for the rest of his life that’s for sure.

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    Very cool project!  Riley is going to have a great first car.  Awesome memories you guys are making together.

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    Nice team work. Reminds me of me, and my dad at that age.

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

    Lone Star
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    Great father and son project.

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    Congrats Pat and Riley on a great project.

    I’m sure the end result will bring huge satisfaction for both of you guys

    Test Pilot @ Submarine Airways

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    Aw Hell Yeah!!!!!! Nice Work Pat!!!!!!!

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    Great to see you doing a father/son project together.
    He will never forget it.

    I did an S10 blazer with my son when he was in high school. He is now 32 and won’t let the blazer go.


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    That is AWESOME! Congrats on a killer first car. 1969/70 are my favorite late model beetle, probably because my first car was a 1969 convertible beetle. I did the same thing working on it with my dad and many other VW projects over the years.

    He has a great dad that knows how to build it right! Great to see the future generation taking interest and learning to carry the torch. These moments he will never forget and I am sure there will be many more future projects together.

    John Jones
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    What a cool project…  I’ve been watching these two widdleaway at it!   I didn’t even notice the were painting it till just the other day!   Oh Riley.   You are gonna have the coolest car in the parking lot!   Narrowed, lowered, and I love them 914 wheels!!!  All shiney and nice……     and having a hands on approach like you have had all along😁.  Your going to better understand how your car works, and have a much better chance than the average joe at fixing it on the side of the road, which we all is inevitable.  😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    congrats on such an awesome first ride!!  I bet you about wash the paint off of it the first year😁😁😁😁

    Been a wild ride, but it got me here 😎

    Baja Mark
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    So awesome Pat and Riley; I loved this car when I was out at KCW – reminded me a bit of my old ‘68 sunroof I shouldn’t have sold.
    I also see an old guy a lot at the supermarket with his Cobalt blue 69 – great colour!


    Riley K
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    Yeah I can’t wait to get my drivers license! Then I’ll feel like the work I put in really paid off. I’ve really had fun building this and learning how to bodywork!

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    So cool! Way to go Riley and pat!

    Ragtop Ron
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    Well done Riley that’s gonna be awesome!

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