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  • mtnbus
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    Go KCW !!!!

    Pat K
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    Car is coming out of the mountains now. Race is over for us.

    Major stuck pile up of 30+ cars in  nasty silt beds.

    Believe only 1 class 11 is going to make it to the end. But they may time out yet.

    We will build it if it comes.

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    Not to shabby for the first attempt. Racing is hard work, takes lots of money, time, and effort to get good at it. Get back home, evaluate the process. Decide if its the direction to go. Find some more sponsors and go for it! Race the Score series to build up experience. What ever the case turns out to be, KCW will have to change significantly to have a race team, and still maintain the VW restoration biz.

    Was fun to follow the last few months. Congratulations on the effort.

    Remember the old saying…..”To become a millionaire racing, start with five million”.

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

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    Better luck next year. It was exciting to keep tabs on you guys

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    I saw the average speed for trophy trucks was 40mph, which is super slow for them. Sounds like it was the most difficult 500 yet. Congrats on even getting that far guys, preparing for the 1000 is going to be even easier

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    Congratulations on the adventure.  Hopefully you all had a great time

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    top effort KCW…one and all should be very proud of yourselves for pulling out all stops and doing as well as you have.
    A great build and team ,ready to have a crack at some difficult stuff. Congrats


    Baja Mark
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    Great effort guys. Is the car damaged?

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    It was fun to follow you guys during the race. I can’t wait to hear from the drivers, support crew and others who were there about the details of the actual race. I hope the car didn’t get too destroyed. Hopefully pictures will come with the storytelling.   🙂

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    how far did they make it, I was not following along

    I know they had to swap a trans in the first night I believe

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    Excited to hear some race stories!!!!!! 🙂

    Pat K
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    Stopped in at Whisky Petes in Primm NV to re-coupe some unexpected “routine check” costs incurred from a couple of Tijuana cops just before the border crossing this afternoon when we got pulled over.

    “Routine check” cost, $700, covered. Time to get back on the road.



    We will build it if it comes.

    Speshel k
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    Yea buddy!

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    Yikes ! Nice win Pat !



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    No way!!!!! That’s really cool! I bet that improved everyone’s day!!!!!!!

    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 616 through 630 (of 735 total)

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