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    How many other KCW folks got to pay the “Routine Check” fees?ย ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Kinda crazy how often that happens down there.

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    Rolling back into KCW as I type! What an aweosme andventure! We canโ€™t wait for more. Thanks to the whole crew for putting in so much effort to make it happen. For being a rookie team we kicked ass! Made it as far as most of the others in the class. Only one car was able to make it to be finish in time!ย 263785F4-AA24-42BB-A473-5F448041F4B5Ours is coolerC03141CE-8385-43EB-BCC4-8881E519BE28363A2D90-61B6-4456-96D4-9976FDC2A925motor out in the middle of nowhere for the tranny swap06543EF6-E012-4AB8-810C-3CFA14DCFB0Bteamwork9CD439D3-1E44-4DBA-BD03-9AAFCA98F65Bfound a couple problems in the gear oil…..E99F476B-8C24-40B1-8922-A4922179436Band some more…..36023FFC-D222-4A6F-B584-2C167FA5BACBmore team workAF39A9B5-B8CA-43B6-87A4-3AD57EC5F0A8and moreCE071C84-7586-4BEA-9B0E-6FF48E397FF9and some more03C39783-A804-4B0B-BBF1-03AA8C34B937wore my fire proof underwear all day cuz it was so hot to put my pants on. Franz loved the view while we were doing more team working238B0348-F90C-46C3-86C2-FF4CF56FC751some more team work before the race1ABF4203-5F23-4422-898C-C72BA05ED262880B3070-617D-49E7-A6CA-53B48A00F2697DA91AEB-80D0-4A74-AE32-D7ACDF73A5F6new oil filtration techniqueย 95A39BE4-3A79-46FC-A8E9-F4920836D990FDE0CA45-4AB1-430D-B6DD-5A8F68F435F2F8DA11C0-FAE2-4ECF-8168-452673DB3727Bradburn boysC238FEB2-3E54-4CF1-99CF-3639C245FBE6baja in good shape after the race

    884C02D0-45C6-455C-BA12-865C86249EEAAwards ceremony crew845C4054-7422-47AD-96DE-EAE0D2F24FF66A24BCBE-8B28-43DA-B506-5B42DBBCCCEB29E07677-9F3E-4820-B54D-FE1DCD1B3A71franz breaking the competitions car4C6C2D51-B9C8-4D0B-BED7-F38CF7807BE7before pat and I embarked on our midnight to 6am drive through the middle of nowhere. All time and space went away. Just two space travelers kicking ass!



    Juan 59 DDWT
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    I can see you had an amazing adventure in BAJA Mex,.. Congrat Amigos!!

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    Holy shit ! that looks so fun !

    the coolest ! Congratulations on an epic trip.



    and, welcome home..

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    Good job! brought it back in one piece! Made some memories for sure.

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    Holy Shit Fellas!!!! Awesome Time!!!!!!! Welcome Home!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! FABULOUS! LOVE the pics!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! So glad everybody came back in one piece too!!!!

    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

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    Wait!!!! No tattoos or scars??????????

    Didn’t Happen!!! ย  False News!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Awesome Pics!!

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    Well done gentlemen, well done!

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    No tattoos, scars or std’s this trip and it still turned out to be the greatest time of my life. Mexico is Awesome! I’m still in shock from it all! The car went together so fast at the last minute that it never really felt like it was real until we were there. It was go go go the whole time trying to figure out when and where to be. We were worried about tech inspection. I’m not sure they even looked at a single SFI tag. No doubt we had the best car. Pre running was fun. I was feeling a little cocky until we actual hit the trail. 15 miles in I felt defeated. The razors we had were barely climbing the hills and getting through the silt. Having no choice but to push on, it got a little better and my hope was restored. Day 2 of the pre run went smooth. It was probably the best high speed section we had. Day 3 WTF? We went 100 miles on 2 razors in the roughest mountains and washes in Baja. Race mile 320. “Steep uphill climb on new cut road” Sounds fun right? Burning up a clutch belt on a razor in the middle of nowhere is a lot of fun when you’ve never worked on one. Luckily we had one behind a back seat. Everything needs spares in Baja! After the repair we were not let down. Just over the hill and through the wash was another fun obstacle. The bulldozer used to make the fine road we traveled lost its fucking track next to a boulder on the hill side. Almost impassable in the 4×4 razors we climbed the boulder and made it around. I was having that feeling of defeat again. I spent 3 hours on google earth the next morning trying to find another way and came up with nothing. Contigency lane on friday was sweet! We got lots of props and I got free beer from guys wearing Hoodride hats. I guess they knew who we are.. KCW! Race day.. Holy shit. I never thought in my lifeย  thought I would get to experience this or riding with Cole off the start line. FUCKING INTENSE! Definitely an unforgettable ride. I don’t feel at ease riding in other peoples cars much but I will say this, The Bradburn boys can drive. I rode with both Cole and Weston, and never once felt like we were out of control. We kept the shiney side up! You know that saying , Always expect the unexpected? It’s a good thing we do and prepared for everything because had we not, our race would have been over from a transmission failure at r.m.165. Being the badass guys we are, we changed out the trans in 2 hours in the dirt while getting stung by a swarm of bee’s. The other class 11 teams heard we were done. They must not have know whos KCW is! The race was still on! Question was, how far are we willing to go knowing we couldnt possibly make the finish line in time. Well the only answer to that was, As far as we can go! If you want to talk about facing fear. We were about to go into the worst section of the whole race at midnight with the plan of using a razor as a chase vehicle/ tow rig to get up Mike’s hill and over the bulldozer boulder. Not 5 miles in the razor started having problems and left us going on a solo mission that most would have never tempted. I would have never guessed we would have made it as far as we did. The rocky and silt covered hills we climbed were absolutely the most testing of anything ever attempted by a vw before. It wasn’t until r.m.315 that we seen another car still on course. Problem was they were being towed out the way they got in. Word from them was, All class 11’s are stuck, broken or rolled at 320 race was over. Not for us! Our car was killing it! I got some gas off those guys and we kept rolling. R.m.320 was a bitch. A whole line of cars were stuck like we were told and turning around. A decision had to be made and it wasn’t easy. Keep pushing forward once everyone else turned around and make it to the bulldozer with no plan or help, or do we follow everyone out? Regretfully we chose to follow everyone out. We were tired, our team was tired, and Baja was unforgiving. We followed a ranch road that lead out to pavement and down to the coast. The car drove the entire way back to Ensenada and no doubt would have done so on the course had we chose too. A lot of lessons learned. “Class 11 never give up!” is what we were later told by the Esparza team. They rolled their car 3 different times, climbed the hills and bulldozer boulder and 5 hours late they finished the race. Next time there will be no turning around. I cant thank K.B. and family enough for the opportunity to build this car and be a part of their race team. With a little more time we will definitely be crossing that finish line.

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    awesome story man…adventure of a lifetime!

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    Most excellent adventure guys !

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    simply awesome, congrats

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    Really cool story!!!

    I think Mr Peet doesn’t have to post for a year after that post!!!

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