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    Seat frames are about done! So glad to be over that!

    I would like to get Doug to cover these, is that possible? Next time someone’s heading North Hit me up!

    I even welded back on the finger biter pointy things on the back backside, although I bet half of them break off at my weld since I just added the pointy part. Does Doug even need the pointy things?

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    I sure Doug could stitch something up. And no, he hates those finger poker things…..no need for them.

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    I’m getting around to this one again… soon.

    60 single pos is going away so I’ll put my random crap in here now.

    I did a little work on my welding cart. This thing is so cool. I pulled it from my friend’s scrap pile some years ago, he laughed cause he pulled it from my next door neighbor’s scrap pile 30+ years before. This thing has been in my neighborhood for 80+ years I think.20190510_180238[1]It looks like it was braized together from old 3/4″ iron pipe that was frozen waay back. All brazed together no welding till now.  1 wheel was froze up tight, it had been rolling on the broken brazing on the axle for years. Took weeks of penetrant to free it, spins like it’s on bearings now.20190510_180259[1]1 spoke was missing, looks like they hammered them out of who knows what, I used the best think I had lying around, a recycled survey monument.20190510_180547[1]So much patina!20190510_180343[1]20190510_180312[1]I got this cool Smiths torch from another friend’s estate sale 🙁 anybody know anything about these?20190510_181719[1]

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    Cool shit Jeff !

Viewing 4 posts - 211 through 214 (of 214 total)
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