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    One of the advantages Baird and I had at the tail end. You’re right Rusty, it was hard to take pics on this ride.

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    It was hard to hold the steering wheel straight!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 Crazy that in hindsight that was one of our first off-road trips with the Ottingers and it wasn’t nearly as hairy before…. .. Not to point fingers but the new Razor thing of the last half dozen years is seriously changing all off-road trails………….☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

    John JonesJohn Jones
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    WHAT A WEEKEND…   More broken busses than ever!!!  Worse than SHASTA this year…   I had to get towed out of the desert on a trailer… 8-(  and towed home by AAA.. and there is a huge trans leak underneath it this morning.. 😎

    BUT.. tons of good pics, times, friends, and DISTRACTIONS!!!

    If you didn’t make it this year… “Maybe next year!”  😎  😎  I didn’t take a single pic…. but I know they are out there!!!

    Gretchen JonesGretchen Jones
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    YES, WHAT A WEEKEND is right!!!  AWESOME! MEMORABLE! Lots of LAUGHING!!!!!  I have so missed this wonderful group of people!! I don’t think anyone can truly understand the sincere kindness, down to earth geniune-ness of this group!  We had newcomers who were welcomed with open arms, regulars and in between… Everyone is the real deal- friendly, honest, kind VW enthusiasts!  I love our VW community!!!!!!!  We are a rare breed that come together in the good and the bad.. no obstacle is unattainable when we are together. Everyone pitches in for the good of all!- whether it’s for repairs, rescues, cooking, cleaning, emotional support, cheerleading…. Whatever is best for the group at the moment….  Thank you to everyone! I have a few pics, for now… more to come… and I KNOW there are tons of amazing pics others will share!!!   What a fun weekend, can’t wait to keep reliving the weekend, and planning for the next get together!!!!



    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

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    Such an awesome weekend, zero photos from me, but tons being shared on social media. Felt so good to see everyone….I’m gonna head down to Moab Saturday morning to pick up my broken bus, you guys around Saturday afternoon/nite? 🙏 Wanna spend the night at the compound and have a few beers with you guys….maybe help ya fix some broken vw’s too 😁

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    😂😂😂 Hah! I swear I saw Tons of cell phones taking pics but you, me and Jones have zero!!😂😂😂😂

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    Looks like good times !

    stoked to get  out with everyone this summer

    AvatarAudrey Jones
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    I second that on not being able to take great pics, so many of mine are blurry from the bumpy ride! hahaha but here’s a few to get started…

    What an incredible weekend!!! I am always so thankful for how kind, thoughtful, and supportive everyone in the Volkswagen Community is!!!! Seriously guys, this was way more intense than Shasta!! On Shasta we didn’t have to tow anyone home… and on this trip Jason had to tow strap + trailer tow two buses out in the dark, they hobbled one of the tour buses down, and Shanti, Franz and my Dad basically striped down Greta’s engine in the middle of the desert to replace a part Pat sped his Baja down to TomToms and back up the mountain for….then Pat hobbled his Baja back out… plus I heard the Syncros that decided to camp up there ran into some trouble and got a couple flats out there too!! Whoa… crazy… but like my Mom said- “No obstacle is unattainable when we are together” and that is SO TRUE! None of us would attempt this kind of terrain on our own… but when we are all together, no man is left behind- EVER. Even yesterday as we waited all day for the AAA tow truck, many people stayed as long as they could, and Sonny, Sarah, Jesse, and the Moss buses stayed with us till the end to keep us company and make sure everyone was going to make it home ok… that’s insanely cool and kind! This is a weekend none of us will forget!! The ones where everything went well and there were no issues just aren’t as memorable… Thank you so much for everyones help, support and cheerleading!!! You guys are all amazing and I can’t wait for the next campout!!!!



    More pics and videos are coming soon 🙂

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    I’ve got some, but still here in Moab! Heading back to GJ early this afternoon and then I’ll upload some more photos this evening! Here are a few so far


    Punk kid

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    What a fun weekend and “classic car cruise” Definitely gets the award for hardest VW trip yet. What a crazy adventure! Here are a couple photos my copilot and I grabbed F032B990-B2F7-4998-B4BE-ED7BC4C4E15D398EF134-5FCB-499F-8742-223BC6A0ACD17FB63B67-3269-4C91-844C-8ADCC8E6CD03D18E1AFC-A6D2-4837-9E32-2ADA7DBCB2900580F8D1-5CD0-45A1-A7F9-B6A5CA42989A178027F9-5EC2-4C81-94F1-88BFE232B6B0F0AB98F1-3270-4267-A280-ED042FCE6F3599775CC3-A7F5-4A5C-9F10-D724B1A42127

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