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    Yeah, real great job with this.  Really enjoying watching the old clips 😎

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    Another update to the movies page today!

    This week I added the Youtube videos & Vimeo uploads to the list, improved the interface, and made lots of adjustments to the way things work behind the scenes in order to improve performance.

    Relevant Interface Changes:

    • Embed link is now hidden until user clicks/taps the ‘Embed’ button
    • Search bar now supports pressing enter/return to search immediately (instead of waiting for it to happen automatically)
    • Added view count
    • Added post/upload date (note: old KCW clips have the Vimeo upload date, not the creation date)

    This picture does a good job of summing up what changed:


    For the time being I am shelving this project (unless some problematic bugs show up) and am going to begin working to improve other areas of the site in a similar manner. I intend to revisit this project and add more features later on down the road.

Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)
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