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    After cancer took the last of our rescue dogs a while back, we decided at our age  …no more dogs. We have horses, cats, and a gazillion humming birds that need time and attention.  Then a couple of weeks ago….this is Beths face book post.

    I decided to get one more rescue dog, but I was very specific. I wanted a smaller dog like a Border Collie, and didn’t want another old one. I wanted one that could hang in the house with me and come when I fed horses. Meet Tank, he is none of the above and strong enough to pull up a hole in the chain link large enough to squeeze through. He howls when he’s left alone in his pen but when he comes in the house he tries to mark stuff. Oh well, we’ll work it out – he’s really pretty sweet.


    Douglas E Fresh
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    Nice rescue. You’re a good dude!

    Audrey Jones
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    Kula bear!! And Hi Tank 😁 dogs are the best 🥰


Viewing 5 posts - 271 through 275 (of 275 total)
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