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  • RobK
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    Hey All,

    It occured to me there seems to be quite of few dawg lovers sneaking dawg pics in posts so I thought maybe give them their own moment of fame in a dawg post?

    Resized_IMG_20190208_190125_552This is my old collie x kelpie ‘Dusty’ on the right and my daughters collie x kelpie ‘Leo’ on the left…  Dusty died last year at 17 yo after a great life…

    IMG_20210111_143554_467This is my son Dylan’s collie x kelpie ‘Lexie’ on the right and my new collie x kelpie puppy ‘Max’ on the left….  unfortunately Lexie died from a brown snake bite a couple of weeks ago.  If you’re brown you’re going down around here from now on..

    You know – dawgs love you unconditionally.  Collie x kelpies are among the best!  🙂🙂🙂

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    IMG_2260I did not know about Kelpies until I got this little runt Border Collie Kelpie a few months ago. She is rotten wonderful! My family has raised Border Collies my whole life so I thought I knew crazy but not Kelpie crazy. So far she is a natural shop dog, trail dog, and motorcycle dog.IMG_1906This is Gage our Mountain Cur hound and my old late pal Baja the Border Collie out in Rabbit Valley last year.vwThis is about the last pic of Baja before I put her down last spring. She had made friends all over the world. She is the reason Guy Martin got a dog. She went to more motorcycle races than anyone I know and has been in many moto mags, movies, and even the BBC and 9 news. Hard to beat a companion as good as a dog!

    Tom K
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    This is awesome! I always love seeing everyone else’s dogs. Ours is a mix that’s about 11 now. The girlfriend always takes pictures of her. 61CDA9FF-C8C1-43EB-8379-8A05A6D32C3B I don’t have any of her around my bug but she’s not always so photogenic as the first picture.34F55AF2-FF1E-46BC-B9B1-3ABBB4FE2053

    Douglas E Fresh
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    Our dogs Bruce (the old black guy) and Agnes the youngster.  Love them both dearly.  Bruce has been shotgun on at least 99% of the miles that ive ever put on my bus, he absolutely loves that thing.

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    Buddy, one our rescue dogs. He liked riding in my bug with the sun roof open so he could stick his head out (never did get a picture of that) but he loved riding in the airplane with his new best friend and forever family.

    buddy planebuddy's first flightbuddy in plane

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    Our pups! Django the border collie Australian Shepherd mix. 7EE3DE54-34AD-449B-ACBF-87D21AC04186Just turned 1 a couple days ago. He’s all about go go go. Perfect dog for Emilee who loves to go run and hike everyday. We got him up in Tonasket, WA. Both parents were working farm dogs. He was a one person pup for a longggg time. Only liked Emilee…. I felt left out;) haha so we caught wind of a puppy that had just been born in downtown Spokane. A homeless guys dog had pups. We swooped up Nico the mega mutt street slut dumpster dog!;) haha 9C1FCAA0-BBE1-4A91-9214-DF226264D627we love her to death. She is the sweetest and biggest lover. She loves the bus. Gets comfy in bed and goes right to sleep. They both love being outside and camping. Great dogs.  ADC44AE7-F4F4-4A13-9B13-6ABFFDFF895D4FF46D74-A552-4038-B288-AF7C3C57D7AF6A147E68-2473-4E36-A251-A7A01228AA77651E40FD-359D-4BCD-9AFF-F86A2F40FF4F8F84C0D2-C7AF-4A05-AFE4-6E1F5C0C94DB57D914BF-20ED-486D-A951-3728BC474119F43C9596-3F29-4448-A16C-7EDEB929301C4B2CAEC9-45DB-4ED3-B17E-576B6ED9AFF897155E03-FDFF-4330-B065-ED449748CDB3714CF297-603E-4D51-8872-D9B89E8129158E12B282-14C8-45EF-8435-DE14197746C09C901E62-C916-4023-8EE1-74F0B4CA6482B229E1C3-EA94-435E-AF30-9552324A53BAFEE0AB1E-8B1F-439C-91DD-40D1A294AE2504D8D173-F851-4564-A4E1-AAD4BE31C1D8A9FA4A20-DAE5-49A5-8EE9-6ADABACB6158D569C2AF-F3CF-49E2-81CB-4D0F7F68F5E35AE7029B-78A6-4710-BF16-C8353092881C033458F7-A195-41CB-981C-E99E6DEC6CB0A02CCE7E-CA5C-4BA5-B2C7-A34EA84515A5Sorry for all the pics(I’m actually not sorry at all).

    John Jones
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    I love my pups.. and I love when we show up to a campout and there are as many dogs as people!!!  😎

    Keeping a lid on it😎

    Pat K
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    Shop Dawgs love treats. BF3A7D90-A99C-42B5-BAA8-564F48F781E2E950D317-D8B3-4762-B09E-2545C9422879

    We will build it if it comes.

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    my silly pitbull/ rottweiler wanting to play while I’m trying to work 😎



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    You gotta walk dogs and pick up their poop……☹️☹️☹️ Human Slave….. just get a Kitty….👍

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    My buddy Wallace stopped by my shop with his camera.AR7I5707AR7I5841AR7I5785

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    I love the pictures of Nico and Franz 😂

    Here is our dog Kula Bear. She loves hanging her paw out the window and demands getting pet while driving

    C479D23F-066B-4976-9C03-A848F30D41D317988E43-3D67-471A-8904-DA6957610AF8571DBD6A-44F5-4FB3-BC88-FE380BA7F1E8CBF01543-D0C8-44FF-8023-059F6453CD96E3D96615-1BE1-4CBF-9625-814A27E656658E021B3D-D04A-4F1B-8FA2-F4EB311927E887DAF143-D27C-48EC-B371-4B99E3C8E99175CB2374-34CB-4E87-BDD7-B7537A9432C839899E0E-93C9-46A4-AB02-F6912CBF43875F34C487-62DF-4DA1-8152-648FD02BED2F2CFCBC97-ED0F-429A-9F5E-05ADE29AE2ED4A500402-7B3A-4392-A90E-9E16558913EFFE0FEEAA-9D94-4216-9D00-F187111E456F57AE846F-92F8-4FF9-BB4D-4763D78BB1DF72B2031B-A133-4EB0-9415-DA5652A7A357And she was pretty cute as a puppy too629658A0-DCBA-48A0-889D-14AC5228AC6BD034EA7C-1F03-4758-BA19-E835E60873E6

    Joshua B
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    Winston 52


    WInston 1952

    This is Winston.  He was a lot of work, but he was a good boy.  He pasted away about a year ago, my mom drew me this picture of him.

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    awesome artwork

    what a great momento to cherish

    Test Pilot @ Submarine Airways

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