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    Most of you have seen this bus but it’s my bd, we finished it last year and it’s been awesome, still been road tripping the shit outta it and it ends up being the pack mule. This bus does good with that monster motor, I love it and cant that all who were involved, major smile every time I am in it hauling ass, funny story after it was getting shot for Hot VWs this year me and josh were coming up and over the mountain pass to my house and he was in my okrasa oval, I seen a yellow corvette in front of me and I text him and said hey film me I am gonna smash this Vette. I went flying up the pass and left him in the dust, I felt like I was on top of the world a early bus loaded down blowing by a corvette, anyways about 5 miles down the road I ran outta gas and the vette passed me on the side of the highway, what a idiot I am lolol



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    Sick barny Johnny!  I still remember your ragtop White Panel, that was sick!   This is very very nice.



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    Last pic I think I can quote you walking away….

    ”don’t you fucking spill any of that fucking weed in my bus!….fuckin stoners!”


    hahahaha I love this bus…..it’s got a lot of me in it haha! It drives so killer, the 2332 pulls like a freight train past 100mph🤫 can’t wait to road trip with the kombi and BD these next bunch of years are gonna be rad!

    Pat K
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    He does looked pissed in that last pic…haha

    Glad to see your still out there playing with badass VWs!

    You still look way cooler on the side of the road next to a BD then driving a vette…😎


    We will build it if it comes.

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    I totally pegged what was going on in that last pic. Hahaha.

    That one shot looks like Steven’s pass.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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