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    Starting this thread as a place to talk parts. Whether it’s new parts or old parts or any general parts discussion that might be useful to the masses here.


    NEW stock 1600 style doghouse shroud with V ring and T4 cooler, with or w/o heat

    I stopped into AA in So-Cal a few weeks ago to pick up some pistons. I ended up also buying a new doghouse fan shroud. I saw it sitting there and was intrigued. First thing I noticed was the Venturi ring, then the bulky tins on the back side that was surely for a Type-4 cooler. It’s actually pretty well built. Made by the Kanuks at Concept-1. AA is the dealer in the US, or at least on the West Coast. This is a great option for guys that want the Type-4 cooler and Venturi ring without the fab time. Might be a good option for KCW engine builds. I don’t know, you’d have to weigh it out I guess.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to try one out. I have no idea how long these have been available.  Could be old news for all I know…





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    Verrrrryyy interesting !  Looks pretty nice. Wonder how well it works, and what it costs ?

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    That mod made a huge difference on my air cooled two liter. Nice to see the aftermarket catching up.

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

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    Verrrrryyy interesting ! Looks pretty nice. Wonder how well it works, and what it costs ?


    I’m sure Franz could say what the cost would be to fab one up. Also depends on how good the OG shroud is that you start with.

    I compared it to an OG doghouse. The cooling veins and passages are identical. Pretty sure they modeled it after the last version of the doghouse that VW made.

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    HA! I’ve spent serious time fixing/modding original shrouds.

    Those do look nice. I like that they are missing the air filter indent to differentiate from originals.

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    I was playing with fans the other day. Here is the entire line up in case you are tying to identify one.

    First up is 36hp. Notice it has half the blades of the others? I’ve heard this fan makes power because it takes less to turn.


    Second is stale air 40hp. More blades.  Same deep rounded bell and dimpled in the center for the fan hub.DSCF6799

    Third is late 4ohp, up to doghouse 1600cc. Different hub proifile, and shorter bell/intake. Fan blades are maybe 1mm wider than early 40hp. 1600 version does not have the holes in the middle.


    And last on the left is the wide doghouse type. It needed to produce more air to send to the cooler mounted outside of the fan shroud cylinder air flow.


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    Great info Franz!

    I wonder how many folks are unknowingly running the narrow 1600 fan in a doghouse, and wondering why their motor runs hot.

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    This is cool!! You can now buy 15″ bus rims from Wolfsburg West, and they’re already painted Silver White!



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