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    I think I recall that KCW has an early Ghia build somewhere in its future.  If it’s going to be a stock-ish resto type build I wanted to share this for whoever the owner may be; the bulkhead and floor mats for these Ghias have been unattainable as reproductions, except for one failed attempt about ten years ago where lots of people got scammed out of their $$ waiting on them.  Anyway, there’s a guy in the New England area who has successfully reproduced the full 8-piece set, and is offering them in all of the original colors that would have been available from the factory.  They look perfect.  If you buy before 5/15 you get 25% off of the price as a “founding member”.  It sounds like he is going to do a single run of them, so it may not be an ongoing venture where you can buy them at any time.


    Click the “shop” link to see what’s offered and the colors.  If you want to buy go the the “membership” tab and sign up, and you’ll receive a discount code to buy at the reduced price.  There’s a link to the thread on TS that details the efforts that this guy has put into making these.

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    Holy Shit!!! One Run, Repop Unobtainum!!! VW’s are Getting Expensive!!!!!!!! 🙂

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    Ha!  Carpet kits are still plentiful and cheap. 😉

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    Next project is Juan’s Low Light Ghia build… and I have enough parts to put at least one together!!!!.. hummmmmm

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