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    I have built a new plugin for the project gallery aiming to improve usability and performance. The page can be found in the header under Media > Gallery, or by clicking here. Currently there is no way to copy the embed code for images like there is on the old gallery, that its at the top of my list to add next.

    The main changes this update provides:

    • Better organization of project galleries
    • Improved client side performance
    • Improved look and function

    I plan to add more features to this plugin over the next few weeks, including but not limited to:

    • Add button to copy embed code of images
    • Open high res images in same window instead of new tab
    • Improve style of the page
    • Add Search, Filter, and Sort function
    • Add forum projects to the gallery automatically
    • Add administrative panel for site admins
    • Improve caching functionality

    As always, post up here if you have any issues with the update! I have no doubt there are latent bugs that will be ironed out over the next few weeks.

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    Nice Zack!

    Post count: 205

    Ive updated the Gallery today with a search function for project gallery folders, a lightbox for viewing larger versions of images, as well as some minor style changes! I think my next update will include the automatic project gallery for forums like I mentioned in my last post.

    If you encounter any issues while using the gallery feel free to post up here!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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