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    Thanks Mark…yeah ,we had a pretty awesome time.

    Leaving Perth October 1982 ,it took us 20 months to get to the U.S. after touring Australia,New Zealand ,Fiji and Hawaii.

    Our plan was to work the winters doing restaurant management,waiting tables and bar work then travel the summers with our savings.

    Returned to Perth December 1986 after one lap of planet Earth ,heading east.

    Sorry for the hijack JJ….trust you’re fully enjoying the freedom of travelling with your best friend in a bus…oops …van,

    for a few weeks.

    I’ll dig out some random pics and maybe start another Road Tripping thread.


    John Jones
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    Corporate and I love these long road trips!!!!!!   I feel like we usually take something away from every long road trip…

    I do not recall if I posted it anywhere…  but my awesome wife got laid off from work about 3 days before we left..  18 years she worked for those doctors…  and then a new office manager came in and decided they could save money by letting RN’s go and replacing with MA’s….     I’ve never liked the corporate America  game.. and you can guess how I feel about it now….. 8-).  I always hated sharing my wife with her work..  I hope we can get along without her working from here on out!!!!!

    Freedom is expensive..  and more valuable than things…  provided you have the basics covered.. 8-).    I have spent years making sure everyone around me, including family.. are self sufficient and able to make their own decisions without asking me about it…  for instance…  I’ve been gone 20 days and haven’t had a single call or text…  😎 maybe I’m just lucky..8-).

    Bus has been running perfect!!! I’ve only added about 1/2 quart of oil the whole trip!!!!  Motor pumps out AWESOME heat..  bed is super comfy, stove makes coffee even while driving and the dual swivel set up is second to NONE for camping…  my bus is like a living room!!!!  😎

    I think we might find Duck Water hot springs later today…  everyone enjoy your day!!!  And set your self up for success, no one else is going to…  make good decisions!!!!!

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    That sucks! Working for someone else – or the gvmt for that matter – you are always subject to their decisions. No freedom there.

    Baja Mark
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    Sorry to hear about Gretchen’s job; it sucks that loyalty means nothing to some people. It’s the patients that will lose out too… time to get that KCW swag on Social media we talked with Gretchen about 🤔

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    Thanks guys!!! Crazy!  I was TOTALLY caught off guard… but…..  I started the second half of my life right traveling for 25 days with my best friend!!!! We have seen so many amazing things…..off season is the best way to fly!!!!!  This trip has been AMAZING!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

    John Jones
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    The Pamper is due for some love… 😎


    I do want to work on my bus…. I think I might have broke some torsions in my front end again…. 8-(  and some bozo backed into my bus.. not sure where, but it was before shasta… Good thing I had that ladder, or they woulda crunched my nose!!!!!!!!! 8-(  also took a rock to a headlight lense… 😎

    I wanna take my whole front end out and rebuild it, and ADD some tricks to it… 😎  I want it higher and stiffer!!!!  and I want a sway bar!!! and people were RAVING about their Bilsteins the whole trip… So I am upgrading those too!!!!!  I should see if I can get some FOX;s for the bus…. 😎


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    That thing has seen some miles! So awesome. A little less shiny after this trip? Getting broken in

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    20190201_145650fuck corporate America

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    I’ve installed some Fox shocks on my main customers buses, they are pretty badass. Very little body roll with them.

    Do something

    John Jones
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    I’d love to come up with a needle bearing beam and arms..with a sway bar too!!!!  😎  Also thinking some adjusters would be nice.. 😎  I thought about running 4…  to increase spring rate??

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    HA! And you all kept giving me shit about the Bilsteins!

    Can report that needle bearing with adjusters and those shocks make for a comfy ride. I’d like to see what a swaybar would do

    John Jones
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    I’d like to build a whole new front end for my bus… but believe it or not… I don’t have a complete front end to start with!!! All my shit has been picked through…   I might have to use most of my parts…  I have a center section… beam itself…  I don’t have 4 bearing arms!!! I do have a bearing beam… but that would mean late brakes.. which is ok I guess,,, hummmm


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    You’ve unlocked the secret!  You can drive the piss out of your stuff, and if anything breaks, you can fix it!  Lucky man!!

    (And I always give away my good parts or sell them for basically nothing, then when I need something.. GONE/have to buy at full price…sucks).

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    You can have the beam on that parts Bus in the corner if you want! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    John Jones
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    I think I will start with a different beam and use and rebuild my shit..   Rusty, have any extra steering boxes?  Mine sucks and I bet Wofgang tells me is it toast…. 😎

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