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    Hey guys,
    I’ve decided to go a different direction with my build but have spent many years building an awesome street suspension setup. It features a new* airkewld front beam converted to adjustable red9design coil-overs (no spindles incl.). The rear setup features rebuilt Porsche 944T aluminum wide stance rear arms (ready for calipers). All parts are currently on 1969 TYPE1. This is the ultimate/most complete bolt-on set up for anyone looking for a performance-oriented street/track toy or ‘german look’ build (just add vdub engineering or other converted front spindles and Porsche calipers/rotors all around)

    What I am selling:
    FRONT END – bolt-on, just add spindles/calipers/rotors and go:
    New front beam (airkewled-stock width) converted to Red9Design Adjustable Coil-Over Eazy-Rider 2″- 4″ drop
    W/ New Steering Box w/ all parts and quick-steer bolt-on mod
    W/ Caster Shims (2 sets & longer bolts)
    W/ Adjustable Coil-Overs installed with new bushings

    1986 Porsche 944T Wide Aluminum Arms (rebuilt with new Ebrake shoes and VDUB engineering Swan Adapters for Ebrake on VW, Red Poly Bushings)
    Bespoke CNC Uniball conversion L/R < https://germanlook.net/forums/showthread.php?t=11413
    1986 Porsche 944T Sway bar setup
    W/ Adjustable Coil-overs and Adapter parts for direct install into IRS Chassis w/ Alu Arms.

    This entire kit is bolt-in (currently on my pan)
    *It has less than 10 miles on the entire setup (mostly just rolling the car around over the years and some weather wear on the hardware because seattle.) The aluminum Arms have been used for an unknown number of miles but they’ve been rebuilt and are ready to roll. You’ll have to do fabrication to use the Swaybar (welding on mounts).

    https://red9design.co.uk/type1.htm < more information about the Adjustable Coil-Over setup for front and rear suspension.
    https://germanlook.net/forums/showthread.php?t=11413 < More information about the Uni-Ball setup

    It’s over $3K worth of gear to build your own (not including all the international shipping costs)
    I’m looking for $2500 obo for the whole setup (picked up in seattle wa)
    Shipping is a tricky thing due to size/weight of the parts but can be worked out at the buy it now of $2500+shipping / handling costs

    I’d rather sell complete all at once but if I have no takers I might consider breaking the setup apart – rearSuspension
    Straight up seller wanting to get this kit on someone else’s ride!

    The pic shows the rear setup – the front set up is just a new beam with the same coils (internally converted from leaf-spring to cross bar) so not much to see in a picture that you don’t see in the link above.


    I’m a new member and hope it’s cool to post – I just want to get these parts onto someones car.

    Call/text with questions or for more images: 801.631.6204



    p.s. – If you happen to help me find a buyer, I’ll offer a finders fee +nice bottle of hooch to say thanks!

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