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    So what is the plan for next year? That looks like a good time.

    More of the same Franz!

    I’m hoping we’ll have our Class 11 style KG finished, ’61 coupe with Country Buggy running gear (reduction box rear and hybrid Bug/Bus LP spindles up front)

    5th – 8th June 2020 if you guys are keen for a down under experience 😉

    I’m sure we can find a Baja or 2 for you guys to use!

    Phat Bug
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    Our planned 2020 desert trip should have been last weekend, but we are still in lock down due to COVID-19.

    Whilst it sucks, I’ve spent nearly the whole of last year working away and we haven’t made much progress on any of the off-roaders anyway.

    My buddy Micka, has been chipping away at the jobs remaining on his ghia…..



    Country Buggy running gear is in, basically lifted spindles & bus brakes up front and big nut reduction box rear. It has a fresh 1700cc Stroker Type 1 to go in it.
    Decent tires in the sizes we need are hard to come by in Aus and shipping from the states is $$, so we are running some 195/80r15 tire off the new Suzuki Jimny. they are cheap and plentiful out here, at low pressure should be ok in the sand.

    Winter is just setting in, -3°C (26°F) this morning, so some long nights in the shed coming up so we can have some rides sorted once the good weather is back.

    Baja Mark
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    Awesome pics!!!

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    cool ghia

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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