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    soooo, i’ ve been hanging around the vw-scene for a while in belgium / europe.

    Been lurking around here for a couple of years now and managed to get a job in a vw-shop in belgium. Worked there for a year and loved it. I learned a lot about hard work and about the inner and outer of classic vw. This was a dream of mine but i still had one bigger dream. I wanted to travel. So here’s what i did: i bought a t4, cheaper, sorry to say but more reliable and bigger. I’m 6 ft 6 so i need some space. It was completely empty, i ripped out the old interior, insulated it all the way around. Next was installing the solar panel and routing all the wires, i cut out the bulkhead and started building my interior. I hate grey plastic so i bought wood and built everything myself. This allowed me to choose a lot of things, like the size of my bed, it’s full width and just awesome.

    after i finished the build i sold basically all my stuff and kept the essentials. And then i moved in, mu parents moved to spain and i’m now working a couple of months several jobs at a time to get money together. In november i’m leaving and travelling through europe.


    pics are simply better


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    Welcome!!!!!! Figure out how to post pics so we can see this thing! 🙂 🙂

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    Log cabin on wheels !canstock10990733

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    Super cool! I love the up-lighting on the map!

    John Jones
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    nice… 😎 talented!

    Honesty can potentially harm your relationship 😢

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    Thanks guys! It’s been an insane amount of work but i really love the result. The van is so cosy now. There’s still some things to do, for example i’m going to install helper springs in the back to get the rear back up a bit. Another thing is paint the rims and buff the whole van.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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