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    New AS-41 Magnesium case, stoker clearanced, full-flow, sand seal

    New Scat 78 stroke forged crank

    Rimco Super rods with German SPS rod bolts

    12.5 lb German flywheel with pinned Kennedy stage 1 clutch

    Gene Berg Achiever crank pulley with broached pulley bolt

    Scat gland nut

    Gene Berg sump

    Mahle 90.5 forged pistons with Total Seal second rings. Deck is about .045” with approximately 9:1 CR. I can provide copper rings if your application requires lower compression.

    Scat 8mm chromoly head studs

    Engle 120 cam with SLR coated lifters

    Blueprinted and port matched 30mm oil pump and Gene Berg pressure relief, full-flow cover

    CB Performance 044 heads ported and matched to vintage Gene Berg manifolds with dual springs

    Solid rocker shafts with swivel foot adjusters

    All rotating parts are balanced from pulley to clutch by McCabe Motorsports. Case machine work done by Sportcar Service

    All German engine tin modified for dual carbs and merged exhaust

    Gene Berg carb linkage

    Rebuilt Weber 40 IDF carburetors with new, tall air filters

    New doghouse oil cooler

    Bosch 009 distributor and coil

    Rebuilt German Bosch alternator with oval badge

    Kymco 1 5/8, ceramic coated header

    Full flow filter adapter with exhaust mount

    Gene Berg style oil filler/breather

    CB performance billet alternator pulley

    CB performance thick exhaust gaskets with 12mm stainless nuts

    Engine is currently long-blocked and tin is fit and blasted but still needs paint. Some surface rust on the tin due to storage. Rockers and pushrods are not currently installed as to not put undue pressure on the cam during storage. Some light assembly and finish work will be required. All high-quality parts for a complete, turn-key motor.



    Mike K


    Colorado Springs6BABAA05-89E9-4C70-A93B-E103332D7BA9E66FAA92-D95A-467D-BBA2-A026068B70FE612F45DD-C8DB-4331-B817-EFC186FBA8AEB4E6159C-0313-4CAD-A4AA-3B6F79E43F194516F0A6-C770-4C77-8B5C-F609640454C8






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    New motor for Dan’s Mango?

    I'm at the age where "fuck off", "fuck you", and "fuck it" answer most questions.

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    Post count: 503
    John Jones
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    Good deal here for someone!!

    Honesty can potentially harm your relationship 😢

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    Sold to Wayne in Florida.


    Pat K
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    Congrats Wayne!!! Fully detailed stroker…Hells yeah!!!

    Post up please…what’s it going in? Where ya at in FL? I did a 6 year stint in Freakville.

    Congrats on the quick sale Mike…👍

    We will build it if it comes.

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