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    Long time no post for me, not much of a forum poster, but I do lurk and read daily, kcw has a crazy way of keeping us motivated and always admiring what they do as we know how hard and time consuming it is to build a vintage vehicle correctly. Things have been slow at triple js as some life changes and family stuff has been taking us in different directions but it’s funny how we always resort to, “I can’t wait to drive to kcw again and hang out” lol something so simple was a awesome memory of a lifetime, thanks kcw and rusty and Jesse what a rad experience. I got this 58 single cab last year after trying to buy it every year since I was 16, it is a cool low mile truck but sat here in the rain and long grass so it has its soft spots underneath. I have been working on it at home and at my buddies and managed to get it running and driving, went through and cleaned up all the running gear and all new brakes. This will be the first stock height Vw I have built and I am super excited, I took apart a bunch of stuff and blasted and painted it but it’s not a over the top build by any means, sometimes I think too much detil takes the fun outta it for me, this is a beater, a shop truck, a hey who’s driving that to the next campout kinda truck, plans are to add a few logos and weld in some Og  rear arches off a bus we wrecked last year, anyways here’s a few pics of the new beater, 77DF0543-7071-4708-B7DC-62F6781E06307B435550-17F5-4E90-864A-C966A11A735FB05EC1A6-252D-4281-8F47-E47C340A60B823295056-8EE2-46A2-AB45-6C22A03A7C5B

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    That’s a sweet SC, Johnny!  Nice job breathing life back into that one…it looks perfect in its OG condition.

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    that’s awesome

    keep the progress pics coming

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    Nice truck! Been thinking about mine, I mothballed it about 2 years back to drive other stuff. 64 single 134

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    Nice looking truck. Stock height is alright.

    Pat K
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    This thing is sweeeet!  Do work!!

    We will build it if it comes.

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    Nice looking truck. Stock height is RIGHT.


    Fixed it for you Franz

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