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    I see where you found them intakes… they were connected to my weber 44’s that go to the KOMBI…. 😎  and you left the hardware sitting there on the floor too….  uggg   I noticed when I went up stairs and got some fresh air tubes.

    He’s always in and out.. Always in a hurry, always leaves a trace!!!, and almost never has any money to pay for anything.”I’ll get ya next time”.

    Kid…. I tell ya… Your not mine, and are much more of a pain in the ass than mine….  We gotta get you well over on the “not a pain in the ass” side…  So now you have two intakes and a weber…  if I knew how to emoji me shaking my head…. I would..

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    Hmmmm, I started to text a big ass response to this thread but decided I was just being an asshole  and in bad behavior……but fuk Will…………Really?

    John Jones
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    I’m glad you didn’t Rusty… He already thought I was genuinely mad at him… nahh.. Just don’t want him to think I didn’t notice something..  He started texting Audrey immediately…  putting her in the middle… don’t do that again Willy.  😎 although, I guess I started that.. 😎

    Glad you made it home safe and sound..  Get you a rod end.. I can bring one to BBB if you wish…  we have a load of them. I’ll grab one today..

Viewing 3 posts - 901 through 903 (of 903 total)
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