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    Get your junk fixed? Going to make it to BBB?

    We will build it if it comes.

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    Yep!! Turns out when Rusty and I thought we were the shit because we didn’t have to relive my muffler and we were going to open our own shop and put you guys out of business we were actually wrong. There must have been a little gap between the muffler and the header flanges that were stressing the v-band clamp that broke the first one and worbled the #4 header tube loose. Now the muffler is relived and is all comfy cozy so and the v-band is nice and tight.

    Valves were a little bit tight too so I’ve got those loosened back up and I think its ready for BBB! My mom and I are going to be caravaning her bay window and my bus. Leaving tomorrow AM and an easy drive from here! A little less than 5 hours.

Viewing 2 posts - 541 through 542 (of 542 total)

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