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    So 10 years ago I stumble across the VW Taro, while doing some google research on old Toyota Hilux’s, turns out VW did a deal with Toyota to sell Hilux’s into Europe and UK and badge them as the VW Taro. Nothing more than a Hilux, with a different grille, tailgate, badges, hubcaps, horn button etc.

    I mentioned it to some friends all those years ago, one replies with, oh I have all the NOS parts here to do that conversion, grille, tailgate badges, hubcaps etc. How they ended up here in Australia I have no idea.

    This stayed in the back of my mind and as time went on my Son started showing an interest in minitrucks, so 2 years ago an old guy at work tells me he’s selling his ’96 2wd Dualcab (you guys stateside never got these) so I put a plan in motion, combine both scenes in one vehicle…….



    First up was to give it a good clean up, drop it 4″ and with a little engineering/machining fit up some 15″ fuchs….



    Chrome front, mirrors etc…….


    Then the real fun started, I thought it’d be much cooler to have a caddy script in the tailgate, problem was we never got caddy’s so had to hunt one down from South Africa……


    Then trying to track down an ultra hard to find, dual cab smooth side SR5 bed……



    Then the whole thing came apart to make the vision come together, script grafted in, fresh paint, grille chrome wrapped etc……..


    Finished it 2 weeks ago in time for “Cruise to the Pines Australia” a Minituck and Lowrider show about 120 miles from home and picked up “Maddest Modification” Trophy, considering the amount of full custom trucks and cars there I was pretty stoked with this!

    Was fun seeing people trying to figure it out haha. Luckily I’d also tracked down some OG German and UK dealer brochures for it to show it was all legit…



    Side note; My 17yr old Son also picked up the “Young Gun” trophy at the show for his Isuzu…..


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    Both are killer, i am a minitrucker at heart

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    Too cool, bud

    Great vision and execution.

    Congrats on the win

    Test Pilot @ Submarine Airways

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    👍 Turned out excellent!

    That thing is a keeper….simple & clean.

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    Nice trucks! 4 doors for more…

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    Pretty cool. Never knew VW did that with Toyota. Love the mini trucks.


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