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  • Jeremy
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    Long time lurker. Short on posts. (I should really update my Single cab project) .

    I have run into a snag.

    I’ve been doing some work on my neighbors ’67 Bus. The shifting was terrible and the shift rod was hacked and welded. So I replaced everything from the nose cone forward with WW parts. All new bushings, both shift rods sections, couplers etc. It had one of those Empi shifters in it and fought getting it to work right. So I just ordered a stock replacement from CIP1.  https://www.cip1.ca/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=VWC%2D211%2D798%2D121%2DER

    I went to install it today and the ball is nowhere near fitting in the socket. It is probably about 1/2″plus from the bottom of the socket and the pin doesn’t engage in the slot in the cup. Zero shifting action.

    Anyone had an issue like this?


    Pat K
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    We figured it out. There’s a problem,  problem is somethings wrong…😆

    Looking at their website I think the kit you ordered is listed incorrectly because a small ball shifter is from 52-58/59.

    I would think this is the correct one. https://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=VWC%2D211%2D798%2D121

    We will build it if it comes.

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    Thanks Pat. I thought maybe CIP1 had listed something weird. My shifter out of my ’59 is definitely a small ball yet they list a universal shifter from ’52-’67. I was a bit suspect. Going to have to call and sort it out.

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    John Jones
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