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    As with most things, trying to do research on welding in my new Wolfsburg pans has led to even more confusion due to the 50 million opinions out there.

    I have the the old pans out, and the tunnel lip cleaned up, but not sure what the best method is for welding in the new pans. Ive seen some people say just spot welding the edge of the pan to where it meets the tunnel every couple inches is the “right” way. Others I’ve seen drilling holes in the pan edges every inch in order to plug/spot weld the pans in along the tunnel and rear brace.

    What method do you guys typically prefer to use?

    After welding in the new pans, Im going to seam seal them top and bottom before priming the whole chassis.

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    Plug weld. Punch a holes about 1″ apart on the new pan halfs. Be sure to start your weld on the tunnel and bridge to the sheet metal.

    Buy yourself a hand held 1/4″ hole puncher.

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    Awesome! Thanks for clarifying that for me.

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