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    Very nice!

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    Yeah! The new tubing bender is muy beuno. The roll cage kit we had was some Jbugs junk. We’re using pieces, but decided to build a nice tight b-pilar hoop.

    Because Mike has a “long ranger” gas tank we had to  move the bottom of the B pilars forward (they are best welded to the torsion housing) to the pan tube. I assume we’ll do some triangulation with 1″ tube later once we figure out the shock mounts.

    The A pilars were strait, we bent them out for more knee room.

    C pilar and upper beam support next.



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    That’s looking badass. I bet baja Mike is excited!

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    Gotta get those Bajas ready for Spring!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Had this Green 67 all ready to go, then dumb-ass Chris pushed baja Mike’s shell into it.

    I spent all morning polishing it. Looking better than before.


    The power steering pump went out on the shop truck too, Chris & friends repaired yesterday. Thanks guys. DSCF0559

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    Chris what the fuck? Created more work for franz, then broke JJ Truck????

    Don’t forget to feed and add water to the cats in JJ house…

    AvatarPat K
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    Progress over the weekend! Looks like Franz bent up a dash bar yesterday. E6A8A6AF-BC99-401D-9CED-2CC5F021B2FD241350D5-DA8D-43D7-933A-2384E57FCC54

    I finished fitting the rear down hoop and got the tranny horn supports fabed and tacked in on Sat. 1632A6F9-8E82-4ABD-9117-7DE6C881967A7E38017C-EB78-498D-A2CE-9494FC561806

    We also started playing with rear end travel and started thinking about shock mounts. 5CCAAC6A-69B6-4D02-AA92-832A92C84EE576F40946-0398-4E74-BCE5-3EEA59E9C587

    We will build it if it comes.

    John JonesJohn Jones
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    Fuck man!!!  You guys are killing it on Mike’s Baja!!!!  I am loving all that tubing work!!!  Shit looks professional!!!!  SOOO Glad we bought that!!!!!   Looks like you two guys have it figured out!!!!  Awesome!!!

    Truck ate another power steering pump huh..  That fucker is in line with the brakes, so you usually loose them both at once!  Thanks for getting it fixed… I hate coming back to broken shit..   You guys handled it! Thanks.  That’s how it’s supposed to be done.. 😎

    CHRIS!!!!!!!  CHRIS CHRIS CHRIS…  WTF are we gonna do with this kid????  Clean up after and feed them cats.. ( I can’t wait till my  cats move along, one way or another)

    Baird’s gotta be happy… all his VW’s are dialed in again!!! I like that they painted that t34 bus colors..

    Thanks for running the shop while I am gone.. From here on out..  You can just tell everyone I am gone… 😎  😎


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    YEAH! class 5 cage. Having a hell of a good time. Pat did the hard part and figured out rear shock mounts, I made beam to A pilar bars, seat mount, and B pillar cross bar.




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    Roll cage work looks great.

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