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  • John Jones
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    humm… interesting….  Ignition… I could shed 10-20 degree’s there huhhh…. I’m puling my engine out and apart this weekend.. I am doing the HVX mods to my case…. and also adding the huge ass sump to my equation!!!!  I guess I could go to a stock style dist.. damn,  That one is like $500!!!! WOW……..

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    awesome split highroof on samba. In Germany !

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    John, I wonder if that is another thing that could be contributing to our different MPGs despite having pretty much the same setup. Aside from the Webers vs. Dells.

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    Dam JJ check this thing out… 1 seater and R1 motorcycle engine.  Sure looks fun.



    Do something

    John Jones
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    Dude.. that thing looks serious!!!!!!!!!   But single seater… Thats more for a single man like yourself…. 😎  I like to cruise around with my lady by my side!!!!!! 😎  😎

    I got my case all modified!!! Drilled ground, just as Bob Hoover said to do it… 😎  Everything is cleaned up…. I am fitting the Big ShotGun sump.. it needs clearanced in a few spots to sit flush on the bottom of the case.. It touches the nubs coming down for bolts… barely.. a gasket might take care of it.. But I think I will go for 100% sure.. 😎  Then start modifying my lifters…  I see Berg has been doing this mod forever!!! Why has no one mentioned this shit to me!!!!!!

    Driving the kombi to Busses by the Brewery this weekend in Colorado Springs if anyone wants to go… 😎   It’s a very short event, but an awesome drive and a chance to sleep in the bus more!!!! Chance to hang out with friends more… drive VW’s more….  😎

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    New toy/project😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

    Phat Bug
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    That looks like a whole lotta fun!


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    Nelson’s old rail??!?!?!! 🙂

    Pat K
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    We will build it if it comes.

    John Jones
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    yup, thats Chris Nelson’s old rail..     He came by with beer last night… and offered me his rail, a trailer, a complete side draft turbo kit!!! and another set of paddles and tires on rims…   For about what the turbo kit should cost… maybe less.. I could not say no!!!!  even though I kinda wanted too… ….  😎  😎  so.. yeah… I am gonna get my shit together and go to the dunes this fall!!!!!!!!!  😎   😎  😎  It’s a mid engine set up now… but I might have to switch that shit around…. 😎


    Rusty… Chris and I are gonna go to Telluride this weekend instead of CO Springs… Shorter drive!!!  Cooler temps!!!!  Much prettier town!!!!   Mushroom festival..  We are gonna drive into town by day, and camp up at million dollar view at night……  if ya wanna come.. 😎  or anyone else for that matter… 😎  😎

Viewing 10 posts - 706 through 715 (of 715 total)

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