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//It's Pat …?… and his junk
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    Good work Pat! You like what you do, it shows in your work! Wish I had the same drive to get my projects moving faster. It seems this dang desk woops my 45 year old butt on the daily. Then when I get home my 7 year old boy finishes me off. I wouldn’t have it any other way though I’m blessed even in my mess!

    Pat K
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    Bit more done over the last couple days. Patched up the drivers rear quarter. 9429F0D5-352A-4186-A259-F67762768017

    Fit bumper mount.  Passenger-side will require the same work. Will need fit fenders and bumper before burning in bumper mounts. F76C86FD-F70A-4BA3-A05D-1E9CF90366E9

    We will build it if it comes.

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    How’s your junk doing?

    Do something

Viewing 3 posts - 136 through 138 (of 138 total)

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