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  • Franz
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    1. 60F1E8C0-43E9-4DC0-B7D1-F98DFCE82CE4ACBF9CAD-9652-40D8-A54C-A2F3D8712F768FF235BF-552F-44BF-91CE-5D2C0EDD2DF4finally got time to burn this together. For the 53 Hopefully have chassis. Together by our. BBQ in July. Sick of seeing a pile of parts on a shelf

    Wow! That looks great.

    Whats up with the jig? Clamps the inner plate flat while you weld?

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    JiggyJ the madman! This been a long time coming….by far the most badass fab project to come out of JJJs to date! He built a welding fixture that could hold up a building haha

    John Jones
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    HOLY FUCKING SHIT J ROD!!!!!  You tripple J’s… the rest of us would have to shut down if you guys did this shit full time… 😎

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    Franz. The spacers can go on both side of plate for left and right   Rails.   Plus cheaper to make jig from 1” steel  than 2”    I post heated the formed flanges to take stress out after welding.  Came out straight.

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    I was at the shop banging on a few small projects  while jrod was doing this last night, I think jarrod often flys under the radar and is more talented than anyone would ever guess, this piece is like art, fucking beautiful, and all from scratch….


    awesome to watch1F92C51F-D339-46D2-A0CF-7EFB9C8F7D418B18E6A7-24E7-47D0-A18F-727F7662F12F42E0B5A5-E24D-4532-9BFE-06050CE1974B

Viewing 5 posts - 271 through 275 (of 275 total)

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