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  • Zack
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    I have spent a couple of days programming a gallery that its more usable and faster, I am happy to say I have a new gallery up with most of the features on there, and mostly working as-well. I plan to add uploading to gallery (for administrators only), the ability to rotate images when you are viewing them in the case they were taken 90 degrees off, and lastly an interface for showing more images per page. You can access the gallery from the media menu on the header, if you don’t see that menu yet (It could take a day to update on your end auto-magically) you can view it here.


    • Navigate the entire library of Kustom Coach Werks images from before the great website crash of 2017.
    • Relatively fast loading times on wifi or mobile data due to thumbnails, which are generated to be hundreds of times smaller than the actual image.
    • Tap or click on a thumbnail for an image to reveal a ‘light-box’, which shows the actual image. (This will take longer)
      • In the light-box you can copy the link directly to the image and open the image in a separate tab via 2 buttons.

    Known Issues

    • Sometimes you may load onto a gallery page and just see a white page with the normal header. This is usually fixed by refreshing the page.
    • There is a range of window resolutions where the images will appear distorted, this is an issue with my code and i am trying to figure out a more streamlined and dynamic way to handle this. For now I recommend tapping the “Open in new tab button.”
    • Load times could be longer if you are accessing a gallery folder which nobody has ever visited before.
      • This is because thumbnails for a gallery folder are generated the first time a user visits the folder. This will not impact your data usage, just wait for the server to generate those thumbnails.


    If you have any issues or requests for features on the gallery please post those here!


    John Jones
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    Things keep getting better and better…   😉

    Never make someone a priority, that makes You and Option. 🤔🤔🤔🥲

    Gretchen Jones
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    Looking good Zack!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!???????????

    I love going on adventures in our bus!!!

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    Nice job, Zack.  The new gallery looks fantastic.

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    Great work Zack.  Thank you

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    Thanks Zack! good to see some history back up for viewing!

    John Jones
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    That guy right there in the picture…  He’s gonna build big ol web sites one day… 😉  😉

    Never make someone a priority, that makes You and Option. 🤔🤔🤔🥲

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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