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    this is awesome !

    looks like good times Cole

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    Hahah Emilee and I get along quite well. I am very lucky that she puts up with my antics. We are happy. I think she knows what she’s gotten into by now;) hahaha! We have been stuck/ stranded on more than one occasion… haha

    this weekend we went out climbing near Hanksville Utah! In the Henry Mountains. I had never been! Always just driven past. What a spectacular place! You’re in the hot ass red rock desert and you climb up to about 8000 feet and it just gets more lush and beautiful as you go! Supposedly there is a herd of bison up there. We didn’t see them. But that would be cool one day. Supposedly one of the only free roaming herds left in North America. Look up the Henry mountains. They are pretty cool. They were the last mountain range to be charted and added to maps in the lower 48. So you know it’s out there! Chances of seeing anyone are LOW!

    we left Friday mid day. Cruise was awesome. Great weather. Went to go pull into hanksville and NO BRAKES! Ahhhh. First time I’ve fully lost brakes. Down shift and e brake got us into the gas station. My rear driver side wheel cylinder was toast. After talking to Franz yesterday I think my shoes were worn out and the pistons popped out. But I’ll know better when I pull it apart. I ordered up parts yesterday. I didn’t have an extra wheel cylinder(don’t worry, I ordered extras haha). So what to do…. not letting this screw my weekend after I had already driven 4 hrs! I thought about just buying all 8 bottles of brake fluid in the gas station and just re filling. But wasn’t sure if that would even last or if it would just squeeze it out instantly. So I thought about blocking off that bad wheel cylinder somehow. So I ended up coming up with pulling that wheels brake line out of the rear T. Then I plugged it with a 10mm bolt and some blue loctite. Worked like a charm! 3/4 brakes was so much better than 0… haha In about 45 min we were back on the road!! 88144605-6D2F-4E2A-A33F-528F149F8C9D774286ED-C36E-484F-B486-FD48A5BE269B5D82F62E-8FFA-4556-99BC-47DB95D8760237C63AF6-C503-4015-A638-66C3AA137BE7

    the fix worked great all weekend! And Im I glad it did. This spot, road up there and the climbing were all spectacular! And best part. NO ONE ELSE ALL WEEKEND! I think we will head back this weekend if anyone is interested. I fell on the last move of this boulder problem I was trying… need to go back and finish it off!

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    That looks like a badass spot!

    …If you need any pointers, I can show you how to make that last move. lol 🙂

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    Holy shit Cole !

    this is great. Love the story on the fix ! awesome photos


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    Resourceful, temp fix!  For those that spend a lot of time in their VW off the beaten path, the Jeff Hibbard book, Building Baja Bugs and Buggies is a great read.  It has emergency solutions to problems like yours as well as preparation and safety info.  It’s old but there is a wealth of hands on knowledge in it.


    Coo pics!

Viewing 5 posts - 581 through 585 (of 585 total)
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