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//Coles SWR DD Pamper
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  • Vwsarent4hippies
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    The Eastwood pin remover looks like it might do the job. And it’s cheap! I have one of Joey’s, and would highly recommend getting one when available for the long term


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    C941CDAB-96BD-4B4A-BB04-1A97B73258AFSwitched plates out today👍🏼

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    Love it Cole !

    Speshel k
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    I’ve broken a couple of those. Not worth it IMO

    John Jones
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    Next time you are here well get them pins taken care of.. 😎  easy cheesy.. 😎

    This is what you should have taken on shasta!!!! 😎

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    I just don’t know this bus well enough yet… and I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with your 2332 haha! I’ll camp a ton in it this spring and I’ll know it better. I know that BBOE well by now. Need to build that seat time

    Baja Mark
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    Love the YOM plates 👍🏻

Viewing 7 posts - 256 through 262 (of 262 total)

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