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    Cole addressed a few items and left town a couple hours ago driving his new 65 beetle.


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    so awesome

    stoked for ya Cole !

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    Hell ya everything went great! Great drive to Moab. Took the back way through Cisco. So beautiful! Met up with Emilee on the way and we climbed this afternoon! Now at the Ottinger warehouse setting up camp and making dinner!

    what a fun trip! Beetle drove very well on the highway! So psyched. So fun. Such good friends. GREAT times all around! KCW is a one of a kind place!


    I’ll get some desert pics of it tomorrow! I think we are going to head to orangeville, UT to climb for the weekend. Then SLC after that!

    thanks again to the WHOLE KCW crew. And all the other people that have helped me get stuff together and make this project possible. What a cool car and cool opportunity. Learned about all there is to learn about my car! Going to be a fun car to have around! Psyched! can’t even begin to describe how psyched I am.

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    What a cool future life for a $2 bug

    Enjoy in large doses Cole and Emilee

    Stay safe on dem rocks and roads

    Test Pilot @ Submarine Airways

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    first half tank. 7.8 gal. I got 28.2 mpg.

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    Bug looks Awesome Cole!!!!!! But that spare rim……. You know somebody was gonna say it!😉

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    Looking good Cole! Hard to believe you guys did all that work in less than 3 weeks.

    The body pan and engine were separate pieces this time a week ago.

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    Perfect !canstock10671367

    John Jones
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    Still recovering from the 20 days of Thunder😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    almost 30 miles to the gallon!!  Pretty awesome that 43 3/4 horse power plant!

    good times good memories and another type 1 out of the junk yard and back into the work force!!!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 321 through 329 (of 329 total)
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