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    For what seems like an eternity (probably 10 years) I’ve been chasing my unicorn,

    Back in about ’92 my old man had the raddest mid 60’s bug, This thing was full on 80’s look. Oval rear clip, frenched tail lights, custom sheet metal everywhere, it was light blue at the front and gun metal grey at the back with multi colored graphics in between, it had gold 13×6 and 14x7s.

    I loved this thing so much, as an impressionable 11 year old, it is the catalyst for my love of VWs.

    My Dad sold it in ’93 and we moved from the area in ’94 and I never saw it again.

    Well thanks to the wonders of the internet & posting annual ads looking for it, I finally got in contact with the current owner last year.
    Crazy thing is he’s owned it since ’93
    He only bought it for the carb and has been parked in a field ever since, coincidentally only about 6 miles from my childhood home.

    Dad sold this thing 27 years ago & on Sunday I got to get it back!

    After a 200 mile roadtrip, driving onto the property, you would have never known there was a beetle in this un-assuming pile of blackberries probably 60′ round and 6′ high, after alot of pruning and blood shed. The nose appeared, the excitement built and she was pulled from it’s thorny tomb!!


    Blackberry patch:

    Carving a path in…..

    She’s here!!…

    Strapped up and ready to pull out…….

    That’s her, custom fenders, front spoiler still intact……

    I’d forgotten about the frenched tail lights and number plate light/smoothed engine lid……..

    The tomb…..

    That’s a very happy and emotional me on the right………


    After a quick wash…….


    I currently have 2 projects that we need toΒ  finish first, a ’61 Ghia Baja & my sisters ’60 bug. Then I can get into this one.

    I’d like to try to keep as much of the original paint as possible, do a sympathetic resto. Trying only to repair if really necessary. But completely go through it mechanically & a new interior.

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    This is a great story ! Good for you .

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    Super cool! Congratulations!

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    Great Story! Awesome paint!

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    That is an awesome story. Crazy he bought it for the carbs and then put it in a field

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    How Awesome!!!!!! Stoked for you!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    You’re telling me there is a car in there?

    Killer paint job bro.




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    Cool story. Glad you found it. The hunt is always the best.

    My favorite John Jones quote:

    sanding sucks my balls and there is no need for any pics.. 😎

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    Great story and ending (or beginning?).Β  Please keep sharing updates once you start to work this one in.

    John Jones
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    cool story… lucky find!

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    Wow ….family history revealed !

    You gotta be stoked with the outcome after your long hunt.

    Are your folks still on the Oz road trip in the mega truck ?



    Phat Bug
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    Thanks for the positive responses guys! Will definitely keep the thread up to date with progress.


    @Way2cool yes my folks are home, they have still been heading away at least once a month in the truck.

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    Cool…yep plenty to see and do out there.

    sounds like a great father and son project ….bit of a chux-over …some Randar RDWs or similar…….you know the rest



    Phat Bug
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    I think it will be a Father, son & son project. My 14yr old is more excited than me about it!!

    Some of the custom work……Frenched tail lights, Aerial, Number plate.
    Smoothed engine lid, bonnet & dash, dechromed body.
    Widened guards, extended and squared off front sheet metal.
    And of course the oval window conversion.
    All in steel,
    This was a huge project back in the day & considering its been out in the weather for 25 years it’s survived suprisingly well.

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    Ha Ha Ha !!Β  A father,son & son project ……love it


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