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  • John Jones
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    Offroad fasty??  humm… I think I have seen some…   not my first choice…

    I heard there might be a little desert run in the morning??    If I go, which I imagine I will…. 😎  I better take it easy 😎 m8-)  😎  sore back this week.. but feel like it’s getting better.. 😎 😎  I hope anyway  😎

    Pat K
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    6am south side tomorrow. Baja run after that. Who’s coming?

    We will build it if it comes.

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    I’ll stop in for breakfast, wont leave much time for a run before work…


    I’m gonna do a rain check on breakfast,  this bed is pulling hard.

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    Saw this today. I know a couple of you were talking about go pros


    $100 off a go pro when you trade in an old digital camera

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    Shit, we need to get on the sponsor program. Can’t you tell them you’re an influencer or something? 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 331 through 335 (of 335 total)

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