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    Love them headlights… Your blowing my mind with this self healing surface coating shit… I have much Empathy for the back bending over pain… 😎 😎

    John, I’ve casually followed your back injury journey (I have probably caught a small percentage of what you’ve gone through) .  I’ve tried all the usual stuff – opioids to the point of addiction, gabapentin, radio frequency denervation surgeries until muscle atrophy caused further destabilization, and finally the spinal cord stimulator.  This is the most relief I’ve had in 15 years and I’ve managed to put off the multi-level fusion a bit longer.  The stimulator implant is what convinced me to voluntarily retire from the military.

    The latest paint protection films are really astonishing in terms of what they can do!  The film is 8 mils thick and very forgiving to apply. You can wrap just about any curve if you work it carefully with a heat gun.  I will wrap the front edge of the hood as well, then I’ll ceramic coat over the whole car, film and all. Because this car will not ever be kept outdoors for long periods of time, I anticipate the film lasting at least 10 years  with minimal yellowing.

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    We’ve got a driver!  I won the engine and transaxle lottery with this one.  I’m definitely happy about that!

    I love my buggy!  It’s a fun car for sure.

    On the to-do list is finish up tail light wiring and get the turn signal switch working.  CFE50973-829C-434F-A364-B67AD29BFB79


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    Heh. That does look like fun.

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    That is going to be a blast.


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    Looks great !

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    That Buggy looks like WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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