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    Hey there, been awhile. Well, I think it’s time this one finds another place to call home, I don’t really use it anymore and it’s just been kind of sitting. Anyways, pretty solid SC for the most part with some usual rust in the battery tray, rockers, and some little things here and there. Treasure chest area and load bed are pretty dang nice for an old truck, front floors are good, gates work as they should and all that. Has some bondo  down low on the drivers side rocker as well as some on the rear corners which from the inside don’t look bad, assuming that’s there because of the bad repair job for extra light holes someone “fixed”, also repaired the rear wheel wells poorly as well but look to be correct ones used. With minimal work this truck could look tons better. It’s currently running a type 3 trans with a bus boys style axle tubes mated to a SP 1641, runs decent but could use a good dialing in session, stock beam with flipped spindles up front. Inside has been redone and looks great, truck has been re wired with a newer style fuse panel behind passenger front kick, all lights work except license plate light which is not there. There’s also a 8 speaker sound system with 4 amps if  you’re into that as well.

    Does come with cab height hoops and canvas. For extra $$$ I can include a drum to drum split case trans and 63 1ton spindles to help raise it back up to stock. Unfortunately it does have fiberglass bumpers.

    DOWN SIDE,this bus has been RE-VIN’D by the state of Oregon as it lost its OG vin number sometime ago. It has a clean title in my name though and doesn’t effect the way it drives or looks, but you can’t get a BC for it.

    please email with any questions, ty.scot@yahoo.com

    Asking $14,000 as is or $14,500 with the extra trans and spindles


    Would love to see JJ and the guys turn this into a Binz. Sorry, not looking for any trades unless it’s cash 🙂


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    Great driver

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    Sad to see you’re selling it. Looks like a nice one for driving and using

    John Jones
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    Nice truck… Wish I had the money laying around…  but shit keeps coming up for me to spend money on… 😎

    Proud and Stubborn 👍🏻

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    That bus looks like a deal! Someones going to be happy!

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    Thanks guys, it’s a good truck for sure. It’s one that could go either way, fix it up and make it pretty or keep it sorta “dirty”.

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