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    Recently discovered barn find, press bumper 23 window. Parked since 1985 in dry, southern Colorado. Purchased from 2nd owner. Original owner used Bus for his veterinary business.

    An excellent candidate for restoration or preservation.

    Nice front and rear bumpers with Deluxe trim.
    All glass with one cracked corner window. PO gave me a replacement.
    Complete sunroof assembly.
    Correct front and rear seat frames.
    Correct trans and beam.
    Original trim.
    A dry and solid Bus which will need minimal metal replacement.

    Middle seat and most of interior.
    Drivers door has been replaced at some point with a later door with handle recess.
    Engine has been replaced with a 40hp.
    Front and rear turn signals are incorrect.

    Clear title.

    More photos can be found at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iU8FqPgGqCKzdzrC7




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    Oh fook, that’s so cool. WANT

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    Dream Bus!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Keep that Gem!!!!

    John Jones
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    damn $49K for a project…. count me the fuck out!!!! wow…. 8-(

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    it might be parked it dry southern Colorado but that dirt floor did it no favors

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    I’d love to keep this Bus but I have a genuine reason for selling it.  My shop is splitting at the seams with projects and I need more space.  I have a steel building which needs to be erected which will double my floor space.  I don’t have a mortgage on my shop and I don’t want to take a loan to do the work.

    Yes there is rust in some isolated areas.  The Bus was parked in the garage shown in the ad for nearly 30 years and became a home for a family of raccoons.  All the upholstery had been turned into nests and unfortunately there is corrosion under those nests.  The Bus has one of the cleanest rear floors I’ve seen with the exception of the area under the heater log.  It’s going to need some metalwork though not nearly as much as some of the projects I’ve seen out there.  I understand the value of things which don’t need to be done.  I see value in something which doesn’t have to be torn down to the frame in order to replace every last bit.  Completed, this Bus will have far more integrity than most Samba’s restored in the last decade, especially press bumper Samba’s.

    I would consider a sizable cash payment and trading another Bus or Porsche, project or otherwise, for the Bus.  It would be a unique opportunity for a KCW fan to step up and buy it as it’s already in Colorado.  It would be a short trip to Junktown to get it into the masterful hands of the KCW crew.  In my opinion this is one of the most collectible Buses out there.


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    I’ve decided to hold on to the Bus for now.  I’ve been making small improvements and would like to get it running in time for Summer.  I haven’t has a window Bus in almost 30 years.  Maybe I can post up some progress as it happens?



    Mike K

    John Jones
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    hell yeah post up progress…. 😎  and keeping it… yeah… good idea….  Keep it…  😎

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