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Re: Zach's Garage

Postby GTV » Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:41 pm

BBWB wrote:Zack, you need to write a book about this adventure of yours. Short story at least. I bet HotVWS would pay for a story like this.

Thanks Ben! I could go into a LOT more detail, but I'm trying to keep it on the short and sweet side for the forum. I should have kept a journal, so much crazy shit happened that I'm sure I forgot about. Everyday was a new adventure!

Franz wrote:DANG!

We stopped for gas in Tuba City and had a guy tell us that he had a 49 split window beetle just up the road. Kind of blew him off. Maybe you should go check that out.

You guys see money in all these old junky busses....all I see is headaches and work.

Thanks for the tip! Wink This 21 was right off a main drag, right out in the open. I couldn't believe it lasted there as long as it did. But in Tuba City, no one gives a shit about old VW's.

It still blows my mind that we decided to go bus hunting and the first split we put on the trailer was a 21 window. Unreal. That was the turning point for us, that's what gave us equity to really make some bigger investments.

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