information on 1970 westy or campmobile

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Postby 61ragtop » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:32 pm

Corey thanks for posting both the links. I will get pictures posted of the bus here as well as thesamba. I will also be sending off for a birth certificate as well. I have no doubt that it is originally a westy because both owners before me were ( the Guy I bought it from still is ) a professor at the University of Georgia . The Guy I bought it from sold it because it wife didn't like camping in it ( wasn't good enough for her ). He looks like he would have been one to attend Woodstock, but he did pay to have all the seats recovered in some very nice ( almost leather like ) vinyl, carpet in back area behind front seats, and some very nice American flag material made curtains. :-k . Either way it turns out I got a straight, very light rust ( no rot ) bus for a good price in my mind! Thanks again for all the help guys and I will work on getting the pictures posted

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Postby C.Hamburg » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:21 am

Does it really matter if it's a true westy? A Bus is a Bus is a Bus. and Busses are cool as shit. Smile

Originally when I was looking for a Westy a deal on a fairly complete Sundial popped up. I wanted a Westy but said fuck it, this thing's complete and cool. Westy purists may blab all their "it's a hacked panel" bullshit, but at the end of the day I like my camper and it's all mine, well I share it with my wife too. \:D/


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Postby 61ragtop » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:25 pm

I doesn't really matter to me! I was think if it's not a westy and just something someone put together that I would put bus seats in the cargo area instead of the camper interior. I have 3 kids and think it would be more friendly to them.if it is a true westy then I may fix some stuff and sell it because I really want a split window . Thanks again Corey

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Postby VWsArent4Hippies » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:42 pm

It should be M coded for Westfalia delivery as well. Just check that

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