Her first time...

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Her first time...

Postby JDM? » Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:45 pm

Driving a bus!
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Re: Her first time...

Postby Tyzel » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:59 pm

She's smiling so must have been good for her too \:D/

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Re: Her first time...

Postby Franz » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:03 am

Nice. Its funny to watch someone park a bus that thinks it has a hood.

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Re: Her first time...

Postby BBWB » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:53 am

^^^Haha! My wife always freaks out on me when she is a passenger in the bus. Seems I get to close to other cars when I come to a stop. Smile I have to remind her there is no hood, and I'm the same space away as in a regular car.
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john jones
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Re: Her first time...

Postby john jones » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:44 am

JDM? wrote:Driving a bus!

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
:-" :-" :-" :-" :-" :-"

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