Lowlight jigsaw puzzle

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Re: Lowlight jigsaw puzzle

Postby PeteSC » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:45 pm

jb wrote:
Franz wrote:Awe yeah! Vintage speed. Those 36 Dells must have smaller venturis? Def a better setup than the original type okrasa/solex carbs. Dual single barrel carbs always seem to have a weird reversion/valve overlap in the lower rpms.

Ida's would be cool too. Josh, you thinking you could make smaller throttle plates to work with smaller venturis? I mean, if you crack a 48mm butterfly on a 20mm Venturi, it's going to full throttle airflow when the throttle plates are less than 1/4 of the way open.

Yes would have to bush the entire thing down to the size of a big gulp straw Smile
Turn some slugs, push em in, re drill for shafts, machine custom shafts for mini butterfly's, re drill progression holes, pinner venturies and jets and big ol pro-stack velocities! Have to be IDAs tho pete....no idfs [-X
Pete has been messageing me about clearances....doesn't really matter, can place carbs wherever need to be with custom manifolds.....twist it all with some badass JJJ's centre pull linkage =D> Would be one hell of an undertaking but hot damn would it ever make some people scratch their nuts! Haha

The Solex's in the kit are looking better and better. Wink

This is all back-burner stuff. I only jumped at the dual port kit b/c it was like $400 less than list price and still in the original packaging.

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